Legend of The Guards

war of the supernatural

The North King

After four half moons have passed, Aril appears on the void river dressed in white armor like war was her name. She stood there next to the river and looked through it like swords piercing through a thick wall. Elisha suddenly came out of the void river full of life like he was reborn, which made Aril smile as she looked at him, Elisha smiled back. Aril said, “I am impressed that it took you only four half moons to acquire those powers.” Elisha replied with ease and said, “Please, the reason you are standing here it is because you knew that I will be out by this time.” She laughed and told Elisha that he seemed to have gotten intelligent in the void river. She then tells him that they can’t waste any time, they must get out of this world. Aril sensed a large amount of power when Elisha came out of the void river which made her very anxious as she then asked Elisha to show her what he can do. She raised her sword and pointed towards Elisha suddenly the ground began to tremble and an earthquake targeted Elisha as the ground splits, Elisha smiled and placed his hand on the ground and yelled “Mito Ko nai” and suddenly the tremor stopped and the ground restored itself back to the way it was before the earthquake. Aril was shocked, she then asked Elisha if he could command the earth, but Elisha said that he only asked time to restore itself. She then said to him that he will need more than that because the four kings are formidable foe, specially that one. Elisha assured Aril that he is well prepared for anything. They then went on their journey to the North Gate where they will be able to open it to escape. The distance between the void river and the North Gate is huge that it will take eight half moons to get there.

On their way Aril and Elisha met creatures of all kinds most of them were strong but Aril and Elisha proved to be stronger as they defeated them all and they finally reached the North Gate five half moons later. The North gate was guarded by the North King Emuka, the buildings surrounding the gate looked old like they may collapse anytime soon. Aril told Elisha that the buildings looks old because the King is angry as the buildings are created by the King’s will. When he is happy, the buildings are the most beautiful rare structures no immortal can ever see in their lifetime, but when he is angry the buildings decay like a cursed city ruled by a plague. As Aril was explaining the buildings to Elisha suddenly Emuka appeared at the front of the Gate. Emuka was so furious that he did not even wait to hear what Aril wanted to say to him as he launched towards them with his blade, Elisha blocked the blade with his sword but the sword shattered, Aril swung her sword towards Emuka but he pulled back. Aril told Elisha not to let Emuka touch him as everything he touches decays. Elisha was angry that his sword was destroyed but he used his restoration powers to put back the sword together again. Emuka was amazed by Elisha’s power as he then decided to have a talk with them. He said that he will forgive their rudeness if they joined his army and ruled the entire Land of the Forgotten. Aril laughed at him and said to him “Do you think the other kings will allow that?”. Emuka got even more furious as the buildings started to collapse, from the rubbles came creatures made of the earth and attacked Elisha and Aril. Elisha told Aril to start the spell, he will buy time for them. Aril quickly started the spell as she created a circle of light around her which made the creatures avoid approaching her. Emuka stood there at the Gate watching his soldiers fight Elisha and he was impressed of Elisha’s swordsmanship, as he destroyed the creature one after the other with only his sword. Emuka then stepped in and launched another attack towards Aril but the circle of light sent him flying back to the Gate. Elisha looked at Aril and she looked like she was struggling to keep up the defense as she was chanting the spell. Emuka launched again towards Aril but Elisha appeared right infront of him and stabbed Emuka with his sword which made him burst into ruble. Emuka then appeared at the Gate without a single injury, as Elisha looked surprised, he asked him what just happened, Emuka replied and said that there is no creature strong enough in existence that can destroy me for I am the earth and existence itself. Aril finished her spell and the Gate opened, suddenly the earth started to tremble. Aril looked very scared as she quickly took out her sword and told Elisha to step away from the King he is now awoken. Elisha moved towards Aril, as she explained that the person you were fighting is not the real king but his clone created from the earth like those creatures you destroyed. The only different is that he has some of the powers that the real king has. Elisha confused suddenly changed his mood and became cautious, as the clone burst again into ruble and the real king appeared. Aril was so scared like she have seen the end of existence, which made Elisha more worried. King Emuka said with a loud voice “who are you that dares to wake me up from my long sleep”. Aril said “My lord, please forgive us we don’t mean to intrude we are just passing along to the other world.” The king looked at Aril and asked her how she knows so much about his kingdom, what is her name. Aril quickly replied and said “My name is Aril of Zebah Queen by right and Witch by origin.” The King impressed by her way of approaching him. He then told her that he remembers someone by that name who escaped and defeated the East King centuries ago, but dismissed it quickly. Aril told the king that it was her and she did not mean to disrespect them, she only wants to return to her home. The king then looked at Elisha as he was on guard, he then said it must be you who defeated those creatures. He then took out his sword out of anger but Aril suddenly stabbed her sword on the ground and light came out of the ground shining so bright that the King closed his eyes for a second and Aril quickly grabbed Elisha and Flew straight for the gate but the King created a wall that repelled Aril back. The king shouted at Aril and said “Who do you think I am Grand White Witch!” he then raised his sword and the darkness consumed the earth, Aril started to glow like she did when she saved Elisha back in the forest. The light shined bright from her body to pierce through the darkness King Emuka created, but Emuka was already behind them as he stabbed Aril from the back Elisha was so angry that he lost sight of him and Aril paid the price, he then swung his sword towards the King and the King flew back to the front of the gate. Elisha grabbed Aril and restored her health back. The fight kept going for a full moon and the other kings arrived at the North Gate. Aril told Elisha to go through the Gate no matter what happens to her as they have a big problem, she did not think that Emuka would be woken. Elisha smiled and said you are worried about one King while there are four in front of us. He then said, the reason I came out of the void river early was to go back and help my princess, I won’t let this people stop me. He stabbed the ground with his sword and shouted “Time Circle” and suddenly the four king’s movements were slowed as he approached them he grabbed Aril and said run as fast as you can. She then flew straight through the gate as Elisha standing in front of the Kings said “From the North to the South, From East to West, Rain shall pour throughout the ends of time.” Suddenly rain poured down and screams by creatures where heard and the Kings were frozen from the rain drops. Elisha walked through the gate and they managed to escape.

After Elisha and Aril escaped, the kings were restored to their forms as the other Kings demanded the North king to bring back the prisoners or else they will dethrone him. Emuka looked unshaken by the threats. He said to them that he will find them just to restore his pride nothing else. The East king looked angry as he tried to attack the North king but the other kings stopped him. Later on the day Emuka is seen addressing his Army of creatures, earth and air alike. The South king Kelina went to the North king and told him to be aware that he cannot start war with the other world as it is forbidden. The North king told King Kelina that he will do what pleases him, and no one can forbid him as he will kill anyone that stands in his way to capture them including the King of the South. Kelina and Emuka have been in war with one another since the dawn of time, even before they came to the Land of the Forgotten. Kelina left the North and went back to the South as the other kings had already left. Emuka told one of his generals that they will depart at the end of a half moon.


Aril of Zebah and the forbidden power

Aril and Elisha arrived at her house, which was a mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden. Elisha although grateful for being saved, he was still cautious of Aril. The plants in the garden suddenly began to say random things, “Be careful”, “I am Hungry!”, “Who is she?”, “She is very powerful”. Aril began to laugh at Elisha and told him to be careful as the plants in the garden can read minds, which made Elisha more wary of whom Aril was. Aril and Elisha went inside the mansion, the mansion was so huge inside that you could house an entire town, Aril then asked Elisha if he needed anything to eat. Elisha still did not trust her, he replied and said I am not hungry. Aril looked at him and smiled as she raised her right hand and suddenly food appeared on the table, she then said “It’s okay, you can eat. If I wanted to kill you I would have let the creatures kill you back then.” Elisha did not waste time, he just started to eat like he has been starving for eons. After Aril and Elisha finished eating, Elisha asked Aril who she was. Aril raised her right hand again and the room in which they were started to be dark and fire bloom from the floor. It appears that Aril likes telling stories that she even changes the environment to befit the tale. She then started to explain to Elisha about Zebah. The story of Zebah starts many centuries ago where the nation was celebrating their 100 years of peace and prosperity. A man appeared in the queen’s castle and he was bold and prideful at best, when he said he wanted to marry the Queen, Aril of Zebah and that he wanted to become her King. The man warned Queen Aril that he will destroy her nation if she refused him. Queen Aril thought the man was insane and had the nerves to come to her home and demanded her hand in marriage. The Queen became angry and wanted to make the man disappear but she did not know that her powers had been bind by her sister who was corrupted by the man. The Queen pleaded with her sister to release her power, but her sister told her that she no longer want to be her shadow, but the new queen. The Queen was so angry that she activated one of her forbidden power that nearly destroyed her entire nation, her abilities was so powerful that she even destroyed some parts of other nations in an instant, which nearly started a war. But the man told the leaders of the other nations to allow him to kill the queen and make her sister the new queen. The leaders agreed that it is the best way to prevent a war. The Queen’s sister and the man had a huge battle with the Queen, although she appeared more powerful than both of them with her forbidden power, the man managed to trap her and she was devoured by the void, and was sent to the land of the forgotten. The Queen found herself in troublesome situation where she was hunted day and night by the creatures as her powers could not work in the land of the forgotten, just like it happened to Elisha. After some years she found out that there is a way to obtain new power. She then went to the river of void where she trained for centuries and she was able to gain new powers that even surpassed her forbidden powers. After her training she destroyed a large army of creatures that were sent to capture her. The creatures are the soldiers of the four kingdoms that rules the land of the forgotten. The kings of the four kingdoms were shocked to find out that someone other than them was able to survive the river of void. It is said that many tried to obtain power from the river of void but all died except the four kings who then after years of war with each other decided to make an alliance and created a prison system known as the four kingdoms which is ruled by them. Aril later met with one of the kings and they fought for days and Aril was able to defeat the king but another king appeared which forced Aril to escape and created a house with her new powers to hide from them.

Elisha was shocked by the story, Aril said to Elisha, “When I leave here I will destroy that man Elucard and all those leaders.” Which shocked Elisha as he heard the name Elucard. Elisha asked Aril, “Did you say Elucard?” Aril replied and said “Yes, he is the man that corrupted my sister and trapped me here. Have you interacted with him?” Elisha told Aril about the war Elucard declared on his nation in order to gain more ground to fight with Enuhkes and also how he was trapped and sent here by Elucard. Aril smiled and said that she knew that there was something about Elisha that made her want to trust him. She then told him that she have a plan to escape from the land of the forgotten, but it will require Elisha to train in the river of void to gain new powers that will help them fight the kings.  They went to the river of void and Elisha began his training.

Land Of The Forgotten

After few days of the invasion, the princess found herself concerned about the return of Elisha, she was standing on top of the frozen mountains looking down where her people were sleeping in a frozen time town created by Elisha. Elisha suddenly appeared behind the princes, the princes was filled with joy as she sensed his presence behind her, but when she turned Elisha’s face looked troubled. The princess asked, “What is wrong Elisha, everything worked as we planned.” Elisha replied with sadness and disappointment, “My princess, I failed you. I tried to test Elucard’s strength and might but I was foolish to lose focus and I fell into his trap. The person you are looking at right now is not the real Elisha, but his clone.” The princes fell down on her knees and said with a low voice, “Is the real Elisha dead?” The clone replied and said “No, well I am not sure, but my link to him is still available that means he might be alive. But from what happened it seems that he was send to another realm.” The princess looked destroyed about hearing those news as she loved all her guards. The clone then said, “Elisha created me for the whole purpose of sending you all back when you regain your powers.” He then said, “Before I came here I looked around and spied on Elucard’s army.” The princess then pulled herself together and asked the clone what Elucard was planning. The clone told her everything about the army’s movements and it looked like Elucard plans to attack Enuhkes in 10 years’ time. After the conversation of the Princess and the cloned Elisha, the princess then went with Elisha to meet with other guards and they finally decided to use the 100 years in the frozen time and space to train.

Two years have passed since Princess Aibonez and her people escaped Elucard into the frozen time and space created by Elisha. On one moon night, the clone finally saw Elisha through their link. It was a dark place yet so full of nature and beauty in the eyes of the beholder.  It seems the real Elisha was unconscious for the past two years. He finally woke up, as he was confused he remembered how he got sucked by the void Elucard created. He then began to speak with his clone through the link, Elisha said, “I hope you have returned to the princess’s side.” The clone then replied and said, “Yes. I am helping her train. I will protect everyone here, just try to find the way out.”   Elisha then said, “Good, never leave her side. I will do all I can here, wherever I am.” Elisha just realized that he had no clue where he was. He then told the clone to keep in contact if something come up, he then walked towards the forest from where he was. As he walked towards the forest he came across a women with white long hair, a women so beautiful that even if you close your eyes for eternity, your thoughts will still capture every detail of her face. But Elisha thought it was an illusion and he approached the women cautiously. He then asked her, “Who are you? Are you real or a dream? Are you here to torture me? I won’t fall for that simple trick!” The women looked at her for a while, then she started to laugh. Oh! Her laugh was so pure that you could wish that you had all the jokes in the world to tell her, just to keep her laughing. She then said to Elisha, “What are you? “ Elisha found that question so discomforting that he lashed out on her “You mean who are you? At least send someone who speaks proper if you want to torture me!!!” The women laughed again and said, “You are very interesting. What are you then? Are you human? Or are you some kind of monster created to hunt me down? What is your name?” Elisha even though looked angry and cautious of the women, he was still charmed by her voice.  He then suppressed his thought and said, “What do you mean when you said they send me to hunt you down?” The women looked furious for a moment and said “Answer other people first, if you want your questions to be answered!” She then calmed down. Elisha replied and said “My name is Elisha, Guard of Princess Aibonez.” The women the said, “Great to meet you Elisha, my name is Aril, Queen of Zebah.”  Elisha was confused and said, “Zibah? So this is what this place is called? ” Aril shaking her head said, “How old are you? I guess time moves slower in this place than out there.” She then explained to Elisha about Zebah. Zebah according to Queen Aril used to be one of the four nations until some monster destroyed it. She then said to Elisha, “It is a long story, I will tell you tomorrow if you are still alive by then. It seems that they have sensed your presence. I must part ways now, I can’t be found after I have been hiding here for centuries.” Elisha with concern, asked Aril, “What do you mean you have been hiding here for centuries? What is this place? Who is coming for me?” Aril then said, “We don’t have time. We are in the land of the Forgotten, where all dark creatures and humans alike that died are prisoned here and tortured for eternity.” She then touched one of the trees and said “They are close. We should hide. Wait a minute, did you say you are a guard of princess Aibonez? No way, Aibonez I know was still a small baby when I last saw her. Wait she must have grown by now. Which nation are you from?” Elisha replied and said “Do not ask questions which you will answer yourself. I am from Acimalok. The princess is been 18 year for a while now.” Aril then looked confused and said, “That’s correct. It must be her. If you are still alive by tomorrow, meet me here by noon.” She then disappeared into the forest. Suddenly the voices were approaching where Elisha was located, Elisha hid himself in the forest, but four creatures who had the shape of a human body but with thorns on their back found him like they could smell him. Elisha then touched the ground and tried to freeze the creatures, but nothing happened, it seems that his powers were not working in this realm. The creatures all jumped towards him with the intent to kill him, suddenly a bright light shined towards them and they were forced to move away from Elisha. Elisha turned and saw Queen Aril with the light glowing all around her, as she spoke words in some forgotten language the light burned and killed the four creatures in an instant.  Elisha was left amazed at her beauty and power. She then shouted at Elisha, “Are you trying to get yourself killed? Come with me and I will explain.” She then touched Elisha’s hand and they went through one of the trees in the forest, it seemed that Aril created a house hidden within the forest. As they went to her house. An army of creatures started to move towards the forest as they sensed her power which was long sensed centuries ago.

Land of ice has fallen

Lean tried again to swing her sword but suddenly the air in the sky became heavy and she was pressed down close to the ground, when she looked up she saw Irosic flapping his wings so fast that it changed the direction of the wind to move towards Lean. Lean tried to block the heavy air but she left herself vulnerable to the long range attacks from the wizards, Tean worried about her sister shot slashes from her sword that vaporized those long range attacks. Lean flew down to the ground to avoid the heavy air, suddenly Elisha appeared next to the princess, and said “It is done!” Elucard with concern heard what they were saying, but did not understand what they are talking about. He swung his sword towards the princess and Elisha, Elisha placed his hands on the ground and suddenly all the guards as well as the princess disappeared. Elisha then created an ice wall that blocked Elucard’s sword. Elucard amazed to see someone who blocked his powerful shot without getting a bruise. But he suddenly looked angry and said “Where did they go? Where did you send them?” Elisha placed his hands again on the ground and looked at Elucard and said, “Are you not curious of what I can do?” Elucard getting angrier because Elisha is ignoring his questions, raised his sword and suddenly a dark cloud devoured what little light was available and Elisha quickly took out his sword from the ground like the ground was its sheath. The sword looked like it was half burning and half frozen, he then said “I was planning on taking you all by myself but my princess likes to take revenge by herself, so I will wait.” He then stabbed the sword on the ground and suddenly fire came out of the ground and consumed all that it touched, the witches and wizards were destroyed one after the other and that was not all, the sky froze and Irosic fell down to the ground only to get his wings burned by the fire. Frozen spikes fell down from the sky and those who are trying to avoid the fires were getting hit by the spikes and they were frozen. Elucard standing in the middle of all and seems like nothing can touch him, he then said “Kid, you are an ice lander and you poses the fire as well, who are you?” He then quickly changed his mind and said “It doesn’t matter I will make you my slave.” He then raised his hand and suddenly he disappeared. Elisha looked concerned and then froze time around him, and saw Elucard moving fast towards him. Elucard disappeared again and suddenly appeared behind Elisha, Elisha quickly raised his sword and fire circled him like a shield, Elucard was surprised how the fire quickly appeared. Time around Elisha started to move again, Elucard started to move towards Elisha while saying “Kid, you are fast, on second thought being my slave is too good for you. I will send you to the void!” Suddenly a dark hole appeared underneath Elisha, and he was sucked in. Elucard laughed and said “Kid, where you are going there is no hope of returning to the world of the leaving.” He then commanded his army to attack anything that moved and find the princess. His army of witches, wizards and monsters started to spread out, and they were destroying the buildings, but later realized that there was no one in those buildings. They reported back to Elucard, and he was furious. He then said, “It was expected from a city ruled by a kid, she ran away. At least I had more fun than I ever had in a long time.” He commanded his army leaders to spread out and start camp in preparation for another war with Enuhkes.

Fall of the land of Ice

At the north west gate Tean met with her twin sister Lean, they are identical twins. Lean is also known as the “Light twin” as Tean is known as the “shadow twin”. Lean posses powerful skills, she can fly and she wields a sword called the “flying sun”. On the north west gate another guard called Mikel also known as the “Coldest air”, he can throw punches that will leave his enemies frozen to death without even touching them. In total there were three guards and the princess holding off the north west gate.

The king of Irotagarap Elucard arrived with his army of monsters and witches in the north west gate. One of the witches broke the shield that was protecting the skies of Acimalok and broke the gate with a powerful spell. Elucard was suspicious of how easy it was to infiltrate their shield. He then saw the princess and the three guards standing in the entrance of the gate. Lean saw flying monsters in the sky and then flew towards them, Tean then disappeared right in front of their eyes. The princess and Mikel were the only left facing Elucard and his army of monsters and witches at the gate. Elucard shouted at the princess, “What do you expect to do now that you lost your powers? I will destroy you with just a snap of my fingers. But then again it means I would have to kill all your loyal followers as well, which would be such a pain. I have decided! I will keep you, so that you can control your people to do my bid”. Aibonez with her teenage bullheadedness replied, “if is that your plan, I guess you just have to come up with a new one. I do not need my powers to destroy you, I only need my sword”. Aibonez wielded a golden sword with blue crystals at the tip. She then stabbed the sword on the ground and a huge crystal wall covered the entrance. The monsters tried to break the wall but the wall was indestructible, which angered Elucard. He then took out his sword and sliced open the crystal wall with ease. The monsters charged through the gate entrance as the wall broke, but Mikel launched his left fist and hundreds of monsters froze to death, one of the witches tried to create a shield to protect the other monsters from freezing but Mikel’s fist were too strong. The red hair grand witch Kyna raised her wooden stick and suddenly the monsters were not freezing. The monsters charged to attack the princess but Tean suddenly appeared in in front of them. She then took out her dark sword and sliced through the air, then the monsters suddenly disappeared in numbers. Kyna raised her stick again, but it did not stop the monsters from disappearing. Elucard irritated, with a single dark look at Kyna, filled with fear she then said a word with a dark loud voice “Esira” which caused a wall to appear in between the monsters and Tean which stopped the monsters from disappearing. Elucard impressed said, that is some powers your guards have.

As Lean is floating on the sky, she said: “Oh yeah! You have not seen anything yet”. She then took out her sword, which looked like a shining light in a shape of a sword. She raised the sword and a bright light came out of the sword and shot straight to the wall created by Kyna and it exploded and then charged to the monsters, all the witches raised their sticks and created a shield which finally stopped the light from going further. Elucard smiled and said, “I am impressed young girl, it took an army of witches to stop your slash. But if you all thought I relied on my army’s abilities to attack you. I will be foolish like your princess standing in front of me without her powers. I do not need an army to go to war. But I have to admit I never thought you would be this powerful, but without your princess’s powers it is pointless to fight me”. He then shouted “NEPO WON!”, the ground started to shake and then split like an earth quake charging towards the princess, she quickly stabbed her sword again on the ground to create a shield for her and the guards but the quake was too strong it then broke the shield and pushed the princess, Tean and Mikel back and they were covered with bruises after the attack.

The Ice of time and space

It has been a decade since the meeting was held and there was no sign of war between Irotagarap and Enuhkes. Until one dark night in the land of ice. They said it was a night of celebration in Acimalok, the night to celebrate the birthday of Princess Aibonez, even though the princess have not aged since she turned 18. It is said that the leader of Acimalok is granted power to command time and space and the leader then chooses its royal guards and grant them the power of youth.

On the night of the celebration the princess was with her two guards, Tean and Elisha who are also her advisers. They where walking in the frozen garden, the most beautiful place in Acimalok. As they were walking, Princess Aibonez suddenly fell down on her knees, the people in the garden were filled with concern. The two guards helped her up and asked her what was wrong, as they where in the public garden the princess told the guards to take her to a quiet place she needs to tell them something important. They took her to a quiet place, on the way the princess was feeling dizzy but Tean balanced her walk. They reached the garden offices and they put the princess on one of the office bunks. The princess said we do not have any more time to waste. I started to have these visions this morning, at first I thought it was just a nightmare, but up until now all the visions I had have come through. Elisha asked her, what visions did she have. The princess without delay said our nation is about to be attacked. The two guards were shocked of this news, Tean asked the princess if she said that the visions have come through, what did she mean. The princess replied and said that the first attack was on me, they have found a way to bind my powers. I had a vision where a powerful witch was performing a dark powerful spell to bind my powers, a minute ago in the garden when I fell, I felt time moving faster as I tried to stop it nothing happened that is when I realised that I lost my powers. Elisha said if the princess saw a witch that means Irotagarap is the one that will attack them. The princess said their king has lost his senses, he thinks by invading us he will gain more ground to plan an attack on Enuhkes and use our weapons of ice to fight against the fire army. Elisha said that they need to act fast to stop them from infiltrating us. The princess with a concerned tone said, it will be close to impossible to stop the king without her powers. She then said they need to think of something to protect the people, because when the enemies gets here they will kill anything that they see. Elisha said we need to send the guards to the gates to hold them off as they get the people to a safe place. He then asked the princess if there was another way to get her powers back. She replied and said not without a powerful witch and they happen to be all our enemies now, but the witch who bind my powers also said that the spell will last for hundred years. When that day come the earth will be frozen and ice shall rule every element. The princess said those words with an anger of a teenage girl. Elisha then sent a message to the other guards, they then went to the gates to prepare for what was coming. Elisha then asked the princess to go and hide with the people as they hold the enemies off. The princess said what kind of leader would I be if I let my guards have all the fun and outshine me. She had a lot of pride for an 18 year old who have been 18 for years. She then said that I might not have my powers but I still have my sword and a little fight in me. Elisha was used to her pride, he then said fine do as you please. Tean said I am going to meet up with the other guards on the north-west gate. The princess said, yes that is where they are going to attack first, I will come with you. She then said to Elisha, I will leave the safety of the people to you and remember that the people are the nation not the land. With those words put on his shoulders Elisha said with ease, do not worry I will take care of it. Tean and the princess went to the north west gate and Elisha went where the people were hiding. Elisha arrived and he saw that people were scared and he said to them, their nation will be under attack soon and their princess has lost her powers to prevent the attack, he then said we could fight them but then we would loose the lives of many of the people in this nation and that is a risk the princess do not want to take. He then touched the ground with his right hand. Elisha had the power to freeze time and space, but his powers were not close to those of the princess, he could not travel through time and space, but can only stop it for a certain period. As he touched the ground he said, I will create a temporary home for you until our leader recovers her powers and we will take back our true home. He then froze the ground with the power of the ice of time and space, and suddenly people saw themselves in a new land. He then said this is your new home no enemy can enter here. He then left the place and went back.

The begining of the Dark days

Many legends have been spoken, songs have been sang. Yet no one has ever tried to find out what really happened to them. Were they myths, or do they exist among us hiding their identities? These are the questions a young traveler asked and he finally found the answers. This is the tale that was written in the stones and foretold by the elders of a far land.

Many many eons ago, there was a world divided into four nations. These nations were all enemies of one another, they ruled and owned many kingdoms. The first nation was called Enuhkes also known as the burning island, the island was very hot that during night the ground grew flames. The nation of Enuhkes was ruled by a king named Denom, an ancient name which meant “Flaming beast”. Lord Denom was a giant in height with red and white eyes, when you looked at them you could feel every bones in your body burning.

The second nation was called Acimaipotu also known as the green island. It was a peaceful nation with natural plants and ancient animals living together with humans. There were no fights nor crimes in the island, but the nation did not allow people from other nations to spent a night without special permission from the top leaders. The nation was lead by a Queen named Enilada in ancient acimaipotian it meant “Nature Empress”. She was the most beautiful person that you will ever meet, her beauty could blind those who did not belong to her nation. They said her beauty was created by all the faces of women in the nation. Each and everyone who saw her describes her differently like she was with many faces.

The third nation was called Acimalok also known as “Land of Ice”. This nation had buildings made of ice. It was ruled by a Princess named Aibonez, she was a young beautiful girl full of light, when she was around people, joy and happiness would fill their hearts. Her presence brought light into the nation, even the terminally ill would suddenly be cured.

The fourth nation was called Irotagarap also known as “The after life”. The land of Irotagarap was filled with vicious monsters and witches. It was ruled by a man called Elucard, those who heard of him called him the beast of worst nightmares and those who saw him and lived called him Dernogard in the common language it meant “Ruler of the dark beasts”.

Declaration of war

All nations lived in harmony until one night, the prince of Enuhkes slayed one of the royal underground beasts of Irotagarap. The king of Irotagarap was furious, yet he was waiting for an opportunity for one of the other nations to declare war with him. One dark night all the leaders of the four nations decided to hold a meeting to resolve the matter of Enuhkes and Irotagarap. The meeting were to be held at the border between the four nations. It was said that the meeting would cause havoc, so each leader was to bring with them two guards to protect them. The guards were the most powerful beings with one rule, to protect their leader at all cost. The king of Enuhkes Denom brought two man. One was called Ilac also known as “Flaming sound”, he was so fast that his enemies only heared the sound of fire after he cut them with his sword. The other man was called Cider also known as “Fire lord”. Cider could start fire with his hands, some said that he burned his neighbor’s dog when he was six years old while trying to feed it. Then he burned his school when he was 15 years old and burned his girlfriend’s house when she dumped him. The evidence of this stories was never confirmed, but he looked like a troubled man. The Acimaipotu Queen Enilada came with two women, so beautiful that the kings demanded them to cover their faces to avoid distraction. It is said that all women of Acimaipotu are extremely beautiful and the queen is the combination of all that beauty. One of the women was called Ocin, she was the sweetest person that you could ever meet, yet there were stories that she cut off the heads of hundred men when they attacked her village when she was 10 years old. The other women was called Aroc, she had the power to command the earth to her will. Some said that she split open a mountain because she was sad that her puppy died. Princess Aibonez of Acimalok came with a man and a young girl. The young girl was called Tean also known as the “Shadow Twin”, it was said that she traveled in shadows, she could disappear and appear in any place with shadows. The man was called Elisha no one has ever seen any guard from Acimalok fight but it is said that they posses amazing and terrifying powers. The king of Irotagarap Elucard came with a witch and a beast. The beast was called Irosic “Lord of skies” and the witch was called Kyna also known as the “Red hair Grand witch”. Her house is made out of skulls.

The meeting was about peace and order to prevent Enuhkes and Irotagarap from going to war, but things did not go well, the king of Irotagarap attacked the king of Enuhkes and even though, the Queen of Acimaipotu stopped the fight before it could go any further, words were spoken, words of war of the supernatural and a day that was never thought that it would come, was near.

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